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Elastomeric Elastomeric Bridge Bearings

Elastomeric Elastomeric Bridge Bearings

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Approved by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways (MORTH ) and RDSO Kanta Fiex Elastomeric Elastomeric Bridge Bearings are designed-and manufactured as per IRC: 83 (part II) - 1987 with its latest amendments, to meet the requirements of Mosrt &.H Specification for road & Bridge Works to Section No : 2000 T0 Clause NO : 2005 (Electrometric Bearing) : and to international Union of Railways Code No. U (C 772 R (Use of Rubber Bearings for Railways Bridges). It consists of one or more internal layers of elastomeric bonded to internal steel laminates shall be cast as single unit in a mould and vulcanised under heat & pressure, to cater for translation or rotation of the superstructure by elastic deformation. The raw elastomer used in Bearings are poly-Chloroprene. either of Brands: Neoprene WRT, Bayprene 110, skyprene B 5. &.. Denka S-40V in order to have low crystallization rate and adequate shelf life.

The content of the Poly Chloroprene in the Bearing is not less than 60% and the ash content shall be less than 5%. The Steel laminates used in the Bearings shall meet the specification of IS : 2062.

Techinacal Data of Bearings

  • 10 KN is equivalent to I MT.
  • Design load of the bearing is equivalent to 10M Pa.
  • Shear modulus of the bearing shall be between 0.8 &. 1.2 M Pa.
  • Ultimate compressive strength of the bearing shall be more than 60 M Pa.
  • Dimension can also be designed as per requirement.


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Physical Properties of the Elastomer Used in Bearing

Characteristics Unit Values Testing std.
Hardness Shore A 60 to 65 IS : 3400 (Part II)
Tesile Strength, Minimum M Pa 17 IS : 3400 (Part I)
Elongation at break ; Minimum % 400 IS : 3400 (Part I)
Compression set, Maximum % 30 IS : 3400 (Part X)
Accelerated Ageing -- -- IS : 3400 (Part IV)
Change in Hardness Shore A + 15 --
Change in Tensile Strength % - 15 --
Change in Elongation % - 30 --
Adhesion Strength, Minimum Kn/m 7 IS : 3400 (Part XIV)
Resistance of Ozone -- No defect IS : 3400 (Part XX)
Design of the Elastomeric Bearing
  • The overall length divided by overall width shall be less than (or) equivalent to two
  • The overall thickness shall be five times lesser than (or) equivalent to overall width (Or)
  • The overall thickness shall be Greater than (or) equivalent to overall width divided by ten
  • If thickness of steel laminate is 3mm. Then thickness of elastomer layer shall be either 8 (or) 10 mm
  • If thickness of steel laminate is 4mm. Then thickness of elastomer layer shall be 12 mm
  • The thickness of the outer layer of elastomer (Top/Bottom) Shall be half the thickness of middle layer of elastomer, subject to maximum of 6mm for any size
  • The side cover shall be 6 mm for all bearings
  • Shape factor shall be greater than 6 and lesser than or equivalent to 12


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